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When will you deliver the project?2016-02-28T01:29:55-05:00

We will deliver the interior side of phase 6 at the end of 2023, winter 2024.
The exterior side of phase 6 located on Rosaire Gendron will be delivered in winter/spring 2025.

When is the entire project expected to be completed?2023-11-20T15:53:32-05:00

Summer/Fall 2025

Who are the developers?2023-11-20T15:54:03-05:00

Vivenda and Prével Alliance

Is there a guarantee provided?2023-12-12T14:07:58-05:00

Yes, the GCR guarantees construction and deposits.

How many units will there be in total?2023-12-12T14:11:21-05:00

52 townhouses built by Vivenda and Prével Alliance.

What type of housing is offered?2023-12-12T14:12:00-05:00

Townhouses with 3 to 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 shower room and single or double private garages.

What are the surface areas of the units?2023-12-12T14:13:28-05:00

From 2433 to 2860 sf.

How high are the ceilings?2023-12-12T14:13:49-05:00

9 feet ground floor, 9 feet 2nd floors, 8.5 feet 3rd floors.

What about air conditioning?2023-12-12T14:14:20-05:00

All houses are equipped with central air conditioning, See technical sheet (quote) central air conditioning.

Can we choose our own finishes?2023-12-12T14:14:47-05:00

Yes, the project will offer 4 families of standard finishes as well as an improved version of the latter. Some optional elements will be offered to you when choosing colors.

What are the inclusions?2023-12-12T14:15:23-05:00

Refer to the inclusion quote.

What will be the dimensions for the stove and refrigerator?2023-12-12T14:15:51-05:00

Refer to the inclusions technical sheet.

Can we have natural gas for appliances?2023-12-12T14:16:22-05:00


Is renting my unit allowed?2023-12-12T14:17:18-05:00

Long-term rental is authorized, lasting 12 months or more.

Can we use our bank to finance our unit?2023-12-12T14:18:39-05:00

Yes, however, the developers have negotiated preferential financing rates with (2) banking institutions.
The National Bank, Desjardins, advantages negotiated for buyers at its 2 financial institutions.

Are animals allowed?2023-12-12T14:19:06-05:00

Yes, pets are welcome! Refer to the co-ownership regulations for all the details.

What is the difference between gross and net square footage?2023-12-12T14:19:40-05:00

The concept of gross square footage versus net square footage requires special attention. The gross living area of a building is measured from the exterior walls and half of the common walls. This calculation method is uniform across the construction industry. That said, in order for the notary to draw up the deed of sale, a surveyor must come and measure the net area, i.e. the final interior space available between the walls. In other words, it is perfectly normal and expected that there is a discrepancy between the gross and net surface area (i.e. in the certificate of location) since these are two different calculation methods.

Is there a notary assigned to the project?2023-12-13T10:03:37-05:00

Absolutely, the notary office is acting as Cain/Lamarre Me Lafond.

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