Bobois Townhomes for Sale Lasalle Montreal
Vivenda and Prével Alliance are proud to announce the continuation of Bobois Town House project, phase 4-5-6

LaSalle Townhouses home-CN


690 500$+税起。



VIVENDA & PRÉVEL ALLIANCE 联排别墅高品质住宅设计前卫,户型可选四居与五居,另配入户车库。

项目位于拉萨尔区,毗邻 Angrignon 公园。广袤的天然绿洲造就了 100 多英亩的绿化面积,这里池塘遍布,防护林中郁郁葱葱地种植着山胡桃树,这是一种拥有罕见树皮的珍稀树种。





  • 邻近 20 号高速公路,前往市中心方便快捷。
  • 前往 Angrignon 购物中心仅需 5 分钟,短暂步行即可到达 Angrignon 公园和 Angrignon 地铁站。
  • 每期推出 16 至 18 栋带有绿地园景的联排别墅。
  • 四居五居多种户型任您选择。
  • 天花板高9英尺,位于一楼和二楼
  • 配有隔热和隔音性能俱佳的私人车库。
  • 该住宅的购买涵盖于政府“新居住房保障”(New Home Guarantee)计划之内。
  • 项目的私人基础设施成本已包含在购买价格中。
  • 建筑商经验丰富,业绩记录可查。


- 魁北克 - 蒙特利尔 - 拉萨尔 -



To all of our valued clients,


Full opening of services with regards to real estate transactions*


May 11, 2020


A ministerial decree allowing the full resumption of construction activities and the opening of sales offices.


As of  Monday, May 11, 2020, activities can be resumed in full.


At Vivenda and Prével Alliance, we have been closely monitoring the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic and our priority remains about the health, safety and well-being of our clients, employees and community.


We are closely following the progress of government directives daily to help limit the spread of COVID-19.


Everyone must, of course, continue to respect the hygiene and distancing measures decreed by Public Health to minimize the spread of the virus as well as respect the distance of 2 meters between people and hand washing.


We continue to offer and implement the following services to welcome our clients: 


– Visits to our sales offices are possible by appointment, respecting the social distancing measures in place.

– Virtual tours, videoconferencing and / or other social media options are encouraged.

– All communications and document signatures can be done electronically.

– Communication with our representatives can be done by phone or email.

All contact details are available on our website.


Meanwhile, we remain committed to serving and meeting the needs of our clients.


Luc Fournier

Sales & Marketing Director