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Vivenda and Prével Alliance are proud to announce the continuation of Bobois Town House project, phase 4-5-6

Trending Townhouse Styles in Montreal

Trending Townhouse Styles Lasalle Montreal

Townhouse that are Feature Rich and Almost Gone!


Selecting elements for your dream home can be one of the most exciting parts of a new home. How can you be sure that you’re selecting items that can stand the test of time and not make your home look old-fashioned in only a few years? These design trends will help you bring a timeliness feel to your home that never goes out of style.


European Elegance and Simplicity

Form perfectly meets function in European-style kitchens that boast large, stainless steel sinks and clean, simple lines throughout. The cleanliness of modern design minimizes the clutter and overblown decor of the past and brings an easier focus to homes that provides a space that provides a clean flow of traffic and line of sight for the eyes. This trend is especially evident in the kitchen and dining room spaces, where formal dining rooms are becoming a thing of the past. Kitchen cabinets are increasingly uncomplicated, with only a few light elements providing interest and style. This particular design trend continues throughout the home, and stems from the need for families to de-clutter their homes and provide a more effective way to concentrate limited time for housework in a meaningful way.

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Natural Building Materials

From high-quality hardwood to premium tile, natural surfaces for your feet are in for 2016. Builders are finding that buyers enjoy the unfettered feel of flooring that is refined yet offers easy maintenance for busy homeowners. Sustainable options offer individuals a way to make a statement about the Earth while still maintaining a stunning home environment. Beautiful art tiles are an investment that will grace your floor for a long time as they are very durable, and wood floors are always in style.

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Non-Traditional Countertops

Countertop options have become more adventurous in recent years, with builders offering buyers selections from luxurious and stylish quartz to a more rustic butcher’s block or concrete. The broad range of residential countertop choices may make you forget that granite ever existed. Even with the longevity, good looks and durability of granite, homeowners are finding that quartz countertops are a new low-maintenance, super-hard and natural looking countertop that offers a broad range of styles and colors. Since it is a composite product, it is not nearly as prone to scratching or damage as more traditional materials — (although you still shouldn’t set a hot frying pan directly on the countertop).

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Fancy Fixings

Bathrooms trended to the small side for a few years, but many more now include options such as a linen closet and oversized mirrors above the vanity. The European trend of simplicity and clean lines continues throughout the home, and nowhere is that more evident than in the bathroom. Fixtures are high quality, and you may see a trend towards warmer metals or flat black or dark grey as buyers continue to look for ways to simplify and communicate a unified appearance.

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Community Living

More and more, people are looking for ways to return to a simpler time in life–when you had more time to spend with friends and family in a much more insulated way. The trend towards finding communities that offer extensive amenities that wouldn’t require a trip across town has become the norm instead of a challenge. External visual appeal also retains importance as buildings are created from materials that are more sustainable and that allow for agile construction processes. Look for homes to have close access to amenities such as community food trucks, movie theaters, grocery stores and more.



Targeted Lighting

Lighting may be an item that slips your mind until you walk in your new home and discover that it looks incredibly dark with that basic bulb in the corner…Combat the darkness by bringing in statement light fixtures that can provide visual interest to an otherwise start room by adding a point of interest and engagement to yourself and to your guests. Adding a unique and dazzling piece of statement inside your entryway can draw guests into your home as well as helping them see the light.



At Vivenda / Prével Alliance, we offer the very best of European standards for your home while providing you with a location that offers all the amenities that you need without leaving your neighborhood. Contact us today to learn more about Phase I which will be complete at the end of August, or about our Garden View Townhouses, which we expect to go very quickly. Located only a few moments away from excellent schools, grocery stores, parks, retail stores and hospitals, Vivenda / Prével Alliance Townhouses in Lasalle Quebec offer you all the qualities of big city living but with the twist of having nature available right outside your window.

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